A Mobile Game Admirer? If That’s The Case, Then You Must Consider Tap Titans

The actual mobile game that is identified as Tap Titans is the one we wish to mention at this point. Evil Titans are actually ruling the entire world and you actually have to get rid of these. You, as a hero, must remove all of them to be capable to bring back the particular order towards the planet. The particular game aspects cannot become less difficult, visuals happen to be well drafted and gameplay has got its great amount of challenges. The only real thing that you actually must carry out within this specific smartphone game to succeed is continue tapping.

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A lot of cleverness is actually introduced by means of the actual help of RPG framework. You, as a hero, will require to make full use of just about all your extraordinary abilities on the subject of combating bosses considering that these are extremely powerful and can easily deal lots of damage rapidly to you. These expertise are generally all upon timed cool down timers, however, and so you need to deploy these very carefully. Nevertheless you’ve got a great deal of selections out of that to pick.

And the particular upgrade system is certainly made within a way that it happens to be fun to employ. And while most persons believe the fact that improving the newest heroes is without a doubt the actual way to go since that enables to kill bosses faster, that is not the fact. It is actually furthermore well worth upgrading old heroes since nearly all of these have exceptional long lasting additional bonuses like far more precious gold coming from slaughtered opponents that’s obviously very useful. It is typically not worth improving older characters with regards to destruction yet their particular exceptional skills are really worth your time and effort. And a lot more damage per moment that is accomplished by the particular heroes also means far more precious gold once you switch off the particular application.

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The boss battles force Tap Titans towards a whole new degree for clickers. If you would like to move forward within the tap titans cheats in the actual game in that case you have to destroy each and every boss within under thirty seconds. This specific choice brings in a fresh level regarding game play rather than becoming typical grind.

The actual number of bad things which may occur to the heroes are actually few, surprisingly. Sure, the bosses may destroy your current characters yet most of the time it’s not actually really worth to use gemstones with regard to shields or restoring them. The sole exemption happens to be when your primary hero is actually wiped out. There’s genuinely absolutely no need to be concerned with the particular characters dying in this game since it’s something that happens very rarely. Different power-ups as well as funds boost is undoubtedly presented from time to time by means of fairies. You may additionally check out videos regarding far better rewards.

Thus, in the event that you happen to be in search of a wonderful mobile game then this specific one is actually the actual one we advise. You will not be pressured to commit virtually any funds and you will be capable to enjoy a truly fantastic smartphone game. And if you actually desire to find out about just what people think concerning this particular video game then almost all you actually have to do is have a look at Tap Titans review.

Pou – Your Newest Virtual Pet And Friend


Meet Pou – Your Virtual Pet

Today, we are going to be reviewing another new game application. The name of this gaming app is Pou. Pou is simply our gaming application based on the virtual reality. You need to take care of your pet in the game whose name is Pou. Pou is also your virtual pet of which you need to take care about. Don’t be afraid to take advantage of pou cheats if things gets harder.

Understanding Basics of Pou

Users on players needs to understand of few things about this game. At the very basic of this game like the concept of taking good care of your virtual pet, just like you would do for your real pet in the life. You need to make sure that you give regular bath to Pou, and keep him clean and hygienic. You must also take care that he eats well and is not hungry. Also, he should not feel very sleepy and should get ample amount of sleep. Feeling or giving items to Pou is very easy, all you need to do is drag an item near him. For example, if you want to feed Pou, break the food near Pou and that’s it. If you want to make him go asleep, you just swipe on the screen to make him go to another room and proceed to sleep.

There’s Much More Than Just Base Game

There are also many games included in the Pou game itself. There are a variety of mini games included in this game but my favorite one is driving the car. For each mini game you play, you earn certain amount of coins. Coins are the premium currency of this game which are used to buy various upgrades and miscellaneous things. Then there is also another game called doodle jump which is not very special but it’s okay. Then of course, how can we forget the match three games? Just like Candy Crush and other games, such games also exist in this Pou game.


Speaking about the quality of this game, it depends from person to person. While I may like it, you might not love it. However, in general, kids and teens will love this game while adults might hate it. Pou game is similar to Tamagotchi game but with certainly more advanced features and stuff to do. There is a sense of being responsible that is attached in this game. This is generally good for kids, as they know that they need to take care of any bad otherwise its conditions will worsen. Then there are some kids who will also like watching Pou suffer from various problems with his funny but interesting concept.

The games, especially the mini games are what makes this game more interesting and exciting as well as unique at the same time. Moreover, if you are bored, you can switch on the talkback feature of this game. What it will do is repeat after what you just say in its own voice, the entertaining you. Also, having the ability to change the appearance of Pou and I really including dressing him up differently, putting shades on its face, and similar things will make kids rejoice and be happy. However, you need to watch the amount of coins you spend on this game. Because if you run out of the supplied coins, you will either need to wait to regenerate was all you will need to buy in game purchases to get these coins.



The kids will surely love this game as many kids does love pets. Moreover, these game does instill the thoughts and sense of responsibility into kids right from the early age which is a great thing. It teaches the kids that any bed and human being must be taken care of properly, otherwise they won’t live a better life or hardly survive. The game also offers limited amount of tutorial, but this is due to the fact that everything is mostly understandable on its own. If you are planning to get your kid a bat, Pou is a good opportunity to let them first be experienced with virtual pets before owning a pet of their own.

The “Unlimited” Fun Of Spider-Man Unlimited


Spider-Man On Mobile? Yes!

A Spider-Man (or perhaps I should say The Spider-Man) can do whatever he wants. Reason? There shouldn’t be one, he is a Spider-Man after all! While you might make a common image of Spidey surfing through the web in movies and comics (you see what I did there?), in the game today that we are about to discuss, you will mostly see him running. Spider-Man Unlimited that has been recently released by the Marvel is a free-to-play smartphone game which is available to be downloaded on iOS and Android mobile operating systems. And it is in fact, very good.

Understanding The Game Basics

It should not come as much surprise that the game is developed by none other than but Gameloft, the publishers of amazing and wildly successful titles such as Asphalt 8 and more. The game contains many of the similarities of which you might be aware of, mostly through other similar free-to-play endless runner games. Make use of some nice Spider-Man Unlimited Hack to make the most of the game. Spider-Man Unlimited is quite thrilling game, mainly consisting of 3-lane streets where you need to keep a constant eye, watching out for obstacles, collecting stars or currency and of course, fighting the cruel enemies. However, you are not just limited to running even though that’s the main focus of the game (weird, isn’t it?). You can use your web to swing through the city, climb using sticky fingers of Spidey on the tallest of the buildings and of course, teaching the evil bosses a lesson. The game is a real treat for the amazing fans of Spider-Man.

New Twist And Things To Do

The storyline of this game is quite fun and engaging, which is understandable since it comes mostly from it’s comic series. It is very fun to play and knock some good old enemies down including green goblin and more. You also get chance to unlock some of the coolest Spider-Man types including but not limited to Scarlet, Armored Spider, Miles Morales and more.

Each variant of the Spider-Man type has it’s own abilities, special powers and defense system. You can make use of similar Spideys during the game levels, however, using them all in one game is not possible, which should be obvious. You can unlock all these cool Spider-Man variants by either unlocking them through the progress you made, or through of course, the all time famous – real money. Yes, it should not be very obvious, especially coming from Gameloft that the game uses IAP and micro-transactions to purchase the premium game currency, known as crystal. You can use crystal to unlock various super-heroes, special abilities and powers.

One big barrier you will face (at least I did) is advancing through the story mode. So apparently, there is a system which will prohibit you from advancing to the next level unless your Spider-Man (that particular variant) is of the specified level. This is done so to make you frustrate a little bit as you wait for the next life to recharge and possibly spend money on buying the crystals (premium upgrade). This also will make you repeat the past levels again and again to level up your Spidey should you decide to not spend any money on in-app purchases.

If you are a parent and are afraid of your child spending money unknowingly on the in-app purchases, the game also will alert you before you decide to buy it or not, which I believe is very fair and actually a good gesture from Gameloft. If money is not an issue, spending a few bucks on the game to buy Crystals should give you a good run for quite a long time while you refill the lives gradually and slowly. Though on certain stages, the game will allow you to have unlimited lives, mostly in the early stages to get a good grip of the game. This partly also goes to show that Gameloft is not all that greedy as we think!


Overall, A Great, Fun Game

The controls of this game are also very very nice. They are quite responsive as well, responding well to each tap movement. This is evident because every time your character dies, you will definitely know that it was your mistake and not the game’s controls at fault. The music also resembles to the good old tune of Spider-Man cartoon series, which us late 80’s and 90’s gamers always appreciate. The voice-over done by the voice-over artist is also excellent, filling the energy in your gaming experience with each passing moment.

As a few final thoughts, I would just like to say that the game is not ground breaking or does completely or entirely different, but it is excellent at what it does. Gameloft does make great games and they take good time to make sure they run well across all devices and are bug free. While there are in-app purchases in Spider-Man Unlimited, which can seem a bit pushy at times, they are still very generous in awarding the free upgrades and letting you enjoy the game to the fullest. If you are a Spidey fan, then this is a game you must not miss to play at all!