Pou – Your Newest Virtual Pet And Friend


Meet Pou – Your Virtual Pet

Today, we are going to be reviewing another new game application. The name of this gaming app is Pou. Pou is simply our gaming application based on the virtual reality. You need to take care of your pet in the game whose name is Pou. Pou is also your virtual pet of which you need to take care about. Don’t be afraid to take advantage of pou cheats if things gets harder.

Understanding Basics of Pou

Users on players needs to understand of few things about this game. At the very basic of this game like the concept of taking good care of your virtual pet, just like you would do for your real pet in the life. You need to make sure that you give regular bath to Pou, and keep him clean and hygienic. You must also take care that he eats well and is not hungry. Also, he should not feel very sleepy and should get ample amount of sleep. Feeling or giving items to Pou is very easy, all you need to do is drag an item near him. For example, if you want to feed Pou, break the food near Pou and that’s it. If you want to make him go asleep, you just swipe on the screen to make him go to another room and proceed to sleep.

There’s Much More Than Just Base Game

There are also many games included in the Pou game itself. There are a variety of mini games included in this game but my favorite one is driving the car. For each mini game you play, you earn certain amount of coins. Coins are the premium currency of this game which are used to buy various upgrades and miscellaneous things. Then there is also another game called doodle jump which is not very special but it’s okay. Then of course, how can we forget the match three games? Just like Candy Crush and other games, such games also exist in this Pou game.


Speaking about the quality of this game, it depends from person to person. While I may like it, you might not love it. However, in general, kids and teens will love this game while adults might hate it. Pou game is similar to Tamagotchi game but with certainly more advanced features and stuff to do. There is a sense of being responsible that is attached in this game. This is generally good for kids, as they know that they need to take care of any bad otherwise its conditions will worsen. Then there are some kids who will also like watching Pou suffer from various problems with his funny but interesting concept.

The games, especially the mini games are what makes this game more interesting and exciting as well as unique at the same time. Moreover, if you are bored, you can switch on the talkback feature of this game. What it will do is repeat after what you just say in its own voice, the entertaining you. Also, having the ability to change the appearance of Pou and I really including dressing him up differently, putting shades on its face, and similar things will make kids rejoice and be happy. However, you need to watch the amount of coins you spend on this game. Because if you run out of the supplied coins, you will either need to wait to regenerate was all you will need to buy in game purchases to get these coins.



The kids will surely love this game as many kids does love pets. Moreover, these game does instill the thoughts and sense of responsibility into kids right from the early age which is a great thing. It teaches the kids that any bed and human being must be taken care of properly, otherwise they won’t live a better life or hardly survive. The game also offers limited amount of tutorial, but this is due to the fact that everything is mostly understandable on its own. If you are planning to get your kid a bat, Pou is a good opportunity to let them first be experienced with virtual pets before owning a pet of their own.

Enrich Your Heroes Charge Gameplay With These Tips


You will play from a varied amount of heroes ranging from Witches to Pirates in Heroes Charge game. As with any other RPG game you might have played in past, you will be also having the options to equip yourself with some of the coolest and nicest weapons and equipment. You can keep on improving and upgrading them as you level up further and gain XP. We are going to share some Heroes Charge Cheats and Tricks in this article, hoping that they will prove to be useful to you.

Many RPG games these days, especially Mobile RPGs have implemented the feature of automatic fight due to limited movements that can be done on a mobile’s screen. Such feature is known as auto-fight, where your character or hero will fight automatically without you requiring to constantly watch it. The only catch here is (which is also good) that you will need to surpass and conquer that level first in order to play that level with auto-fight mode on. This is of course making sense as otherwise there will be no gameplay or fun if everything was to be done automatically right from the start, lol. This feature in general though useful for only few occasions when you want to acquire EXP, gold and other in-game items.

If you want to make your heroes of characters stronger as the difficulty increases in future levels, you will need to consider also upgrading their skills. And there is nothing wrong in doing this right from the start of the game itself, but remember; it will cost you money to buy these expensive in-app purchases as you would not be having sufficient currency as a free reward in the start as you just started playing. You will notice the power and efficiency immediately as soon as you upgrade the skill of your heroes and also that your heroes will be recovered much faster when compared to before. For most of the part, you will require Gold, the premium currency of this game. Use it just like the real life gold, only when you need it.


Try to unlock various features of this game. As the time goes by, you might feel the game being repetitive or less fun to play. But there are numerous and lot of things honestly that you can do to spice up your Heroes Charge gaming experience. You will however require to complete certain tasks before you can do so. Start with the Campaign mode and keep on playing until you have sufficient EXP on your hand, required to unlock various features of this game. The more progress and stars you have, the more rewards and features you can unlock in this game. Be cheerful though and don’t just get on it like anything, take your time. If you rush it, you will again make the gameplay boring. Remember, the rewards of waiting are fruitful!

You will also have ability to unlock lot of new and exciting heroes. There are a little over 50 total heroes in this game, which is a lot and makes things quite exciting to speak at least. To unlock various heroes however, you will need to collect what’s known as Soul Stones. Exchanging this soul stones will allow you to pick a new hero of your choice, provided you have required amount of soul stones for it. If you do not wish to unlock new hero, you can instead also use these to upgrade your character’s abilities and skills.


Managing and taking care of your heroes is also equally important in Heroes Charge. Let me correct myself, it is VERY important. You should manage your heroes well by providing them with all required weapons as well as promote them on the correct time. Just navigate to menu, choose a hero, click on the plus icon and add the required weapon or equipment to their arsenal. That’s it – it’s that simple!

We do really hope and wish that these Heroes Charge Tricks and Tips prove to be useful. Good luck with the game. Now go and pawn some enemies!

Marvel Saga Continues – This Time With Contest of Champions


As a very small child, I remember going and picking up that shiny looking Marvel comic from a nearby comic rack. The title read Marvel Contest of Champions. It was a great and unique comic for it’s own few reasons. It was some of the first Marvel’s publication and was only printed in limited quantities. Secondly, unlike the standard comic where there is one hero fighting the enemies and saving the world from the evil, the twist here was that all Marvel heroes were bought together, not saving the world but fighting against each other to prove their supremacy! Thus the name, Contest of Champions came. There came numerous comics after that but not a single one had similar charm like this one.

Fast forward few years later, here we are not, in the digital age where amazing PC and mobile games are built and marketed daily. Who knew after all these years, the concept of Contest of Champions will be revived again and taken from comic and be implemented into an amazing, smartphone game? I bet you wouldn’t (neither I) would have guessed so. But here we are with Kabam releasing Marvel Contest of Champions smartphone game recently, a few months ago. A lot of impressive Marvel mobile games have been released the past year including Spider-Man Unlimited by Gameloft and Future Fight by Netmarble Studios. The game Contest of Champions is an intense, high action fighting game exactly based on the comic series of the same.

Moreover, it is very interesting that using tools like marvel contest of champions hack makes this much more fun. The biggest problem of this game though is the fighting aspect itself, which is the heart of Contest of Champions. The fights are not very deep, skill-requiring or longer either. You hit the enemies using taps and swiping on the screen from left to right. You keep on grinding and fighting the enemy by attacking same set of moves. And when the perfect time comes and when you see the special attack being ready to be used, charge them with it. Depending upon their health, they might immediately be defeated or suffer from a significant damage at least. Personally and honestly speaking, a more rich variety and different type of fighting techniques and moves would have honestly made the game more interesting.

The game like you might have expected from other Marvel games offers the usual free-to-play model, involving micro-transactions by providing in-app purchases. And again, just like many of Marvel’s games, Contest of Champions also has an energy meter built in. Running out of this energy will not allow you to fight or play new levels. There are characters or Marvel heroes that you can unlock using the unlocked items and premium currency that you can either buy or be awarded on completing stages (missions) successfully. Occasionally, Kabam also holds special events or days where you can take advantage of the event and win additional upgrades or characters. The menus of this game can be confusing at times, which could use some improvement definitely.


However, despite all these small and minor problems, Contest of Champions does look amazing (rich, detailed graphics) and is equally nice to play. The Marvel characters (heroes) are designed well and exactly the same as I saw them in those good old comic, which a nostalgic gamer like me for sure appreciates. They appear like freshly manufactured in some gaming factory with all the shines and kinks they pose. Details of background along with it’s unique animations are also done well. The game also plays well on relatively old device, which runs on old hardware and software, which is a great plus point in my opinion.

Usually as you know, we see superheroes fighting enemies and knocking them a good punch or two. But superheroes fighting superheroes? It’s mad fun! And that’s one refreshing and unique aspect of this game, which to be fair, I love it. The only problem I find is this game is that the fights are less challenging and are short-lived. It would be more of an interesting view to see Kabam improve in this area. Other than that, I would say that Marvel Contest of Champions is a pretty decent pick.

The “Unlimited” Fun Of Spider-Man Unlimited


Spider-Man On Mobile? Yes!

A Spider-Man (or perhaps I should say The Spider-Man) can do whatever he wants. Reason? There shouldn’t be one, he is a Spider-Man after all! While you might make a common image of Spidey surfing through the web in movies and comics (you see what I did there?), in the game today that we are about to discuss, you will mostly see him running. Spider-Man Unlimited that has been recently released by the Marvel is a free-to-play smartphone game which is available to be downloaded on iOS and Android mobile operating systems. And it is in fact, very good.

Understanding The Game Basics

It should not come as much surprise that the game is developed by none other than but Gameloft, the publishers of amazing and wildly successful titles such as Asphalt 8 and more. The game contains many of the similarities of which you might be aware of, mostly through other similar free-to-play endless runner games. Make use of some nice Spider-Man Unlimited Hack to make the most of the game. Spider-Man Unlimited is quite thrilling game, mainly consisting of 3-lane streets where you need to keep a constant eye, watching out for obstacles, collecting stars or currency and of course, fighting the cruel enemies. However, you are not just limited to running even though that’s the main focus of the game (weird, isn’t it?). You can use your web to swing through the city, climb using sticky fingers of Spidey on the tallest of the buildings and of course, teaching the evil bosses a lesson. The game is a real treat for the amazing fans of Spider-Man.

New Twist And Things To Do

The storyline of this game is quite fun and engaging, which is understandable since it comes mostly from it’s comic series. It is very fun to play and knock some good old enemies down including green goblin and more. You also get chance to unlock some of the coolest Spider-Man types including but not limited to Scarlet, Armored Spider, Miles Morales and more.

Each variant of the Spider-Man type has it’s own abilities, special powers and defense system. You can make use of similar Spideys during the game levels, however, using them all in one game is not possible, which should be obvious. You can unlock all these cool Spider-Man variants by either unlocking them through the progress you made, or through of course, the all time famous – real money. Yes, it should not be very obvious, especially coming from Gameloft that the game uses IAP and micro-transactions to purchase the premium game currency, known as crystal. You can use crystal to unlock various super-heroes, special abilities and powers.

One big barrier you will face (at least I did) is advancing through the story mode. So apparently, there is a system which will prohibit you from advancing to the next level unless your Spider-Man (that particular variant) is of the specified level. This is done so to make you frustrate a little bit as you wait for the next life to recharge and possibly spend money on buying the crystals (premium upgrade). This also will make you repeat the past levels again and again to level up your Spidey should you decide to not spend any money on in-app purchases.

If you are a parent and are afraid of your child spending money unknowingly on the in-app purchases, the game also will alert you before you decide to buy it or not, which I believe is very fair and actually a good gesture from Gameloft. If money is not an issue, spending a few bucks on the game to buy Crystals should give you a good run for quite a long time while you refill the lives gradually and slowly. Though on certain stages, the game will allow you to have unlimited lives, mostly in the early stages to get a good grip of the game. This partly also goes to show that Gameloft is not all that greedy as we think!


Overall, A Great, Fun Game

The controls of this game are also very very nice. They are quite responsive as well, responding well to each tap movement. This is evident because every time your character dies, you will definitely know that it was your mistake and not the game’s controls at fault. The music also resembles to the good old tune of Spider-Man cartoon series, which us late 80’s and 90’s gamers always appreciate. The voice-over done by the voice-over artist is also excellent, filling the energy in your gaming experience with each passing moment.

As a few final thoughts, I would just like to say that the game is not ground breaking or does completely or entirely different, but it is excellent at what it does. Gameloft does make great games and they take good time to make sure they run well across all devices and are bug free. While there are in-app purchases in Spider-Man Unlimited, which can seem a bit pushy at times, they are still very generous in awarding the free upgrades and letting you enjoy the game to the fullest. If you are a Spidey fan, then this is a game you must not miss to play at all!

Asphalt 8 Airborne – An Arcade Racing Game For Heavy Gamers


Asphalt 8 Airborne is a fast paced action racing game that has been developed by Gameloft under it’s Asphalt racing series. It’s initial release was marked in August, 2013 for both major mobile operating systems, namely Android and iOS. It was later also released on Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 in November, 2013.

Asphalt 7 players will know that the basic mechanics and gameplay of Asphalt 8 appears to be resembling to that of it’s former version, Asphalt 7: Heat. It is very true. Other mechanics of this game are tilting your mobile screen horizontally in left or right to steer in the required direction. It is also worth mentioning that using Asphalt 8 Hack makes this game very interesting. There is also a 5-star rating for each race you do and you get the grade depending upon your performance and the stunts and tricks you performed. You get three starts on completing the race first while two and one for second and third, respectively.

When you complete the additional objectives or provided tasks such as doing stunts in mid-air or hitting and crashing down your opponent, you are awarded the remaining two stars out of the maximum five. The main gameplay differs a bit from this. As you can guess from it’s title – Airborne, it is all about the cool tricks and stunts you perform when in air that counts in Asphalt 8. More and more ramps are added in Asphalt 8 than any of it’s previous versions to allow you to bag some great stunts and rewards in your name. You can also perform some crazy drifts and cool barrel rolls if you are feeling adventurous. When in mid-air doing the stunt, try to use nitro. The logic behind this is that it will keep you more longer time in air, giving you more points and in-turn recharging back the nitro to substantial levels.


There is another new feature called Perfect Nitro which will allow you to accelerate your vehicle beyond it’s limit. Two things can happen here, either you will be able to do the coolest stunt by hitting the ramp or you will crash like never before. Risky, I know but the rewards are equally same.

Starting with the core gameplay, you are given with up to 180 events in total to complete which are divided into series of 8 total seasons. Each new event and season becomes more challenging you the levels progress. When you are just starting out with the game, only one season is available to be played. You can unlock more seasons by earning a fixed number of total stars or of course, as always, using in-app purchases and spending the money on micro-transactions.

One another thing that I really loved about Asphalt 8 is it’s highly appreciable multiplayer mode. While many games offers multiplayer modes, they can be only played when connected to internet, i.e. online. The great thing about this game here is that while playing on internet, you can also play it with your local buddy through Wifi, which is way cooler experience. And when you least expected it, it may come to you as surprise but recently, the playing locally through Bluetooth mode is also now possible. Talk about how to rejoice gamers. Gameloft knows this very well, eh!


There are a total of more than hundred cars that are available into this game. You start of course with the lowest performing car and work your way up to unlock new cars either by waiting and collecting points or as always, through in-app purchases. There is one change and good news for those who don’t mind spending the money on these purchases – you can now unlock all the cars upfront through in-app purchases even without requiring any minimum amount of stars like in the former versions. There are some cars which will be only available as a premium purchase, i.e. not unlockable through normal racing and collecting stars and points. I think it’s fair because there are still a lot of superb cars that you can purchase for free through the points and stars you collect in Asphalt 8.

In conclusion, I feel Asphalt 8 is an answer to all racing game enthusiasts who were waiting for a PC-competitive car racing game on their smartphones. Unlike the real word racing game however, there is a fantasy word here, more of an arcade. For example, you don’t see these cool flying car stunts in a normal racing game of course, lol. But the experience was still amazing. Amazing graphics, smooth, lag-free gameplay, lot’s of cars and things to unlock with huge amount of stages and levels to complete, Asphalt 8 Airborne is the perfect package for an arcade car racing game on the smartphones.

Like Making New Words? Then Alphabetty Saga Is For You!

The smartphone gaming company that released popular titles under it’s belts such as Candy Crush, Pet Rescue Saga, Farm Heroes, Bubble Witch Saga and many more has now released another new game. But this time, unlike you would expect – it is not a Match 3 game but actually a word formation game. The name of this app is Alphabetty Saga. It is a nice new addition to their existing list of games I would say.


Alphabetty saga is a very color riched game with great graphics and offers a rich gameplay experience. If you have seen the game before, you would immediately notice that a similarity does actually exist between King’s Match-3 games like Candy Crush Saga and the Alphabetty Saga. This is because even though this game is a word making game, the layout and overall feel of the word board and everything resembles to it’s popular games. Unlike any crosswords, this game is quite different. You need to play it strategically. If you have to absolutely use Alphabetty Saga Hack, then use it. You will find on various occasions that sometimes the odd looking three lettered words will also be counted as a match. Lot of fun words to learn from dictionary still, isn’t it?

When playing under the role of professor Alpha, you will need to help him complete his legendary vocabulary book that he has been creating. You will need to match the inter-connected, adjacent letters to form words out of them, collect points and move to the next levels, which gets further interesting, exciting but pretty difficult as well.

Don’t just go by the looks though. The graphics of this game are no doubt great and if you are looking at them for the first time, it is obviously not easy to take your eyes off them. But the actual game playing is twice as harder than these delicious graphics. You will also notice various stuff on the bottom bar including the shuffle option. It is used for completely rearranging the word board, apparently to make things and word formation more easier. It is very easy to be tempted but you need to keep patience and really use it only when you feel there is no other way to advance further. Starting with each new level, there are very limited set of moves. If you run out of them, you will need to either wait or spend money on them. This is the very case with all F2P models. And if you have played any of such King’s game in past, this should not come as a surprise.

The game takes you through the various locations of USA, UK and Egypt with more than hundreds of levels to complete and solve. Of course, this game is not something ground-breaking or bringing something completely new on the table, but it has revised the basic and boring word play games and turned it into fun, challenging game with it’s own bit of twist. It is very appealing visually, quite addictive and of course in the hard times, frustrating as well.


One problem I have with this game is with it’s auto suggestions of 3-letter word matching possibilities. Even though 10 seconds haven’t passed yet with after the last solve, the game will feel I am stuck and will start suggesting possible 3-letter word combinations to form. This gets your brain further weak and you will opt for an easy way, thus spending your limited moves in not very wise word formations. Moreover, there is also no option to turn these suggestions off which I feel should be introduced.

As a final verdict, I would say that if you enjoy vocabulary and spelling type of games, you can definitely go ahead and download this game on your phone or tablet. Of course, it is free to download so it does not hurt to try and download it. Depending upon how well your knowledge about words is, you can be completely lost (in a good way) in the game for hours without you noticing it. On the other hand, if you struggle with word formation, your best bet is to continue playing the popular Match-3 games from the same publisher, King!

Marvel’s Newest Game Future Fight Is All About Saving World


As humans, we expect different kind of spins on the same thing, to have a variety in life. This has been also true for the Marvel titled games that have been released on smartphones since the past year. There has been a lot of variety to it even be it same characters in each game. However, the newest addition of the game in this series has been a huge success both, critically as well as commercially. The Marvel Future Fight that has been released recently is an action Role-Playing-Game (RPG) that feels almost real with an excellent storyline.

The game also provides a tutorial to begin with, to get yourself familiar with the game moves and general understanding. You get to fight being in the shoes of well known characters such as Black Panther, Black Bolt, Thor against some of the most famous Marvel enemies. The world is reaching towards the end with bad guys taking on, painted all over in while. Your duty is to unite with these enemies and heroes and save this universe.

There comes a message from Jocasta from future that the world is going to meet it’s end soon if something is not done in the present times. And that’s it, there you go and start with the story mode. Initially, you start with three super-heroes namely Black Widow, Iron Man and Captain AMerica. You will and can add more heroes to your team with help of Marvel Future Fight Cheats as you will progress more in the game.


The stages or levels of this game are pretty simple to understand. Just like the Marvel Contest of Champions released last year, Future Fight also have continued to adapt similar mechanisms. You start each level by fighting small group of enemies, eventually facing the boss or the superior villian at the end of each stage. The controls are pretty similar as well with a touch tap control with a virtual joystick to control the direction you are heading into. It might get a little bit difficult though in complex fight action. You can also let the game play by itself using the auto-control option that has been provided by the game developers.

When you begin in the game, your skills are also limited. Each character has two set of skills to begin with and as you progress further, you can unlock more of these. There are also special attacks with a cool down period which you can use occasionally. They carry all sort of special damage and effects with them. You can also switch between each of the characters to help all of them level up equally.


You will also need to focus on upgrading the skill and abilities of your characters and heroes in between each stages in a variety of ways. There are some equipments to upgrade, for example, ISO-8 which is present in every Marvel mobile game if you have played any one of those. Another premium currency in this game is called “Gold”. This is used for variety of upgrades that you can unlock in the game. You also earn a thing called Biometrics on various occasions in a random manner which will help you in unlocking more heroes and characters. The look of these heroes are also done well and they look quite rich and detailed, almost like those good old Marvel comics.

There are also Elite missions which are unlocked on completing the standard missions. Also included is the Arena mode which is unlocked after you advance a bit into the game and complete few required events and challenges.

The game is certainly quite enjoyable and there is always a lot of room to do many things, which provides an avid gamer like me an ample amount of gameplay. Overall, a good effort by Marvel and certainly, Future Fight does have a great potential to stand out as being one of the best Marvel games, especially on the smartphones.

Cooking Fever – Be The Best Chef Around!


Brief Intro About Cooking Fever Game

We are living in an amazing smartphone age where we are now getting to play some of the most creative and exciting smartphone games, right from the convenience of our phone. Google’s Play Store and Apple’s App Store is filled with huge amount of free-to-play games. Out of those thousands of games, there will always be some games that will stand out and set itself apart. One such game recently released by Nordcurrent is Cooking Fever.

Basic Stuff

The basic features and todo’s of this game are in align with some of it’s competitors, i.e. other apps based on the cooking niche, since there is not much that you can do in a cooking game app. The game begins in a very basic fashion where you are supposed to flip burgers on your small counter and serve drinks. Speed and skill, both are very important in this game. You need to act fast and serve orders as fast as you can. Make use of cooking fever hack if the need be. Also not to mention, the more people you are able to take orders from and deliver in time, the more money your restaurant will be making. This leads to higher profits and being able to advance in the game nicely.

Advance Stuff

As you continue to achieve more milestones and more and more profit, you can purchase and stock more and more inventory and cook different types of meals. This might appear to be straightforward and simple, because it really is! That is what the cooking type games does after all – you start small and work your way towards up. But there are some fun twists in Cooking Fever game which doesn’t seem to just want to be an ordinary cooking game. You as a chef need to take care of lot of things including entertaining your customers to branding of your restaurant. This makes things more complex yet quite fun and exciting.

Of course, like we said in the start, the game is absolutely free to download and play. However, as you would expect in many free-to-play games these days, the micro-transactions involved are what makes money for the developers of the game. And this model has been integrated into Cooking Fever, too. However, it would not be wrong to say that it is quite a bit aggressive here. There are two premium currencies of this game – coins and gems. You can use coins to buy the common upgrades while the gems are used for special, unique kind of upgrades such as upgrading to make more dishes and recipes.

The main attraction of this game is it’s simple gameplay and also the unexpected rewards and achievements, which on unlocking will award you with bonus Experience (XP) and money. The further levels you complete, the more complex it gets, which is expected in any such kind of game. You need to make sure you maintain a good tempo and accuracy and serve food in time to your customers to not lose them and make them coming back for more. The income from this will also you to upgrade your restaurant, kitchen, and do things in general that will further promote your restaurant. You are the sole person who will decide how your restaurant should look and where should it head towards.

The graphics of this game are not like the real world or how you would expect. Instead, they have been given a fun, cartoonish touch. But it definitely makes things exciting as we see too much of daily world things anyway, so this is a nice fun change. The game is also smart to suggest based on your performance as to where should you spend your money next on improving your restaurant. The customer’s facial expressions also says or at least tries to convey of what they like and what they don’t like. This should give you enough ideas to make improvements.

Final Thoughts

Cooking Fever appears to be a great game that is a good play for people who likes accuracy and working under the pressure and getting things done in right time. The length of each levels are also just enough while also offering continuous levels. The developers at Nordcurrent in my opinion did a good job in crafting a unique styled cooking game. If you love cooking and making people happy, then this is a game you must absolutely try!